Abhishek Rana

Founder @Codelinkster.com

Co-Founder @Codelinkster.com

The lone purpose of creating codelinkster was to build a platform for users where they could learn programming , solve exercises online , share their ideas , contribute to opensource and much more. I believe bringing programming to almost anyone could help them turn their imagination or ideas they had into reality. Atleast every school must teach their kids how to program a computer and that's what codelinkster solves.We have free courses on different technologies that are geared with online web consoles and runs the code online.
Learn Together , Program Together and Build Together.


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We are looking for Graphic Designers , Web Designers and Developers ( Php & Java ) , S.E.O & S.M.O experts , and Investors.

you can write to us : abhishekscript@gmail.com
alternate e-mail : abhishekscript@hotmail.com